Shiseido Foundation Brush 131 Review

March 21, 2012 § 10 Comments

Shiseido Foundation Brush 131

I was gonna post a review of Nars primer but it seems that many people are interested in this Shiseido Foundation Brush 131. So I decided to review it first. I used it for 4 days straight and I’ve been really loving it. Please also see my Haul post and you can see more photos on this blog (Cosmetic Candy).

Here is what it looks like with powder foundation loaded on the brush:

Shiseido Foundation Brush 131

The Official Website says: it was designed to replicate the effect of foundation applied by professional makeup artist. It has perfect bristle softness, length, and cut to apply foundation smoothly onto your face with ease.

As you can see, the brush has very dense head (with synthetic hair) and powder loads very evenly onto the surface of the brush. It has fairly short handle so it is easy to handle. When you apply the foundation, it goes on very even and smoothly without making any streaks on my dace. It also feels super soft so it does not irritate my skin. The side of brush used to apply the foundation is cut slanted to it fits the curves of my face nicely.

I’ve yet to try it with liquid and/or mineral foundation but I think I will love it with liquid foundation too because of the dense bristles. I am not sure about mineral foundation because I don’t know how the slanted brush head work with circuler motion I use to apply mineral foundations. That being said, I think I will recommend this brush to everyone of my friend because it is such a nice brush with reasonable price (1890yen = CA$22). I might purchase a backup in Taiwan because I’ve never seen it in Canada. Definitely a must-buy!

My final rating: 5/5  🙂


Makeup & Skincare Haul from Japan

March 17, 2012 § 7 Comments


Recently, one of my friend went to Japan so I asked her to bring some stuff back for me. I gave her a list and some money and after 3 weeks, these lovely products have arrived in my house. This post is very long so if you just want to see the photos, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

Deonatulle Feet Deodorant Cream
It’s getting warmer and warmer in Taiwan (I’m staying in Taiwan till mid-April) and my feet are sweaty! I know it sounds gross and it IS gross. So I got this product… It’s supposed to keep your feet smooth and silky. Never used it before but heard so much rave about it. Hope it works!

Integrate Gracy Essence Base (BB)
I originally wanted Primavista Makeup Base but my friend could not find it. (Although Primavista is a very popular brand…) So she got me this instead. I went to their website and found out it is a BB Cream but could be used as makeup base. I’m excited because I’ve only tried 1 kind of BB Cream before. Pretty good reviews in Japanese websites so can’t wait to try it.

Kose Sekkisei Toner Lotion
This is one of my favorite toner and I tell you I’ve tried many many different kinds of toners. My recent favorite is this one because it’s cheap and nice but it’s always nice to have a bottle of Sekkisei. It’s expecially nice to use in summer because it feels cool on your skin (not minty though). Also my friend got me a limited edition big bottle (500ml) so it’s gonna last a while.

Shiseido Foundation Brush 131
This brush is really really popular in Japan and It was actually hard to get hold of for a while. When I went to Japan last November, I did not have enough time to go around to find it. My friend says it was relatively easy to find at department store but none in drug stores. I read so many good reviews on this brush. Gonna be using this with powder foundation.

Shiseido White Lucent Foundation and Control Base Samples
These samples came with the foundation brush. The full name of the foundation is Brightening Spot-Control Foundation. Apparently these foundation and makeup base contains brightening ingredient “m-Tranexamic acid” which is Shiseido’s signature brightening ingredient. Never used a foundation that is brightening, so I’ll see if I like it.

See photo of each item below:

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