Maybelline – One by One Volume Express Mascara Satin Black Review

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Finally, bold without the bulk! Instant clump-free volume.
The lash catcher brush makes every lash count
3 bristles per lash catch, coat and de-clump

I purchased this in the States like I said in my Mini Haul, but in case you didn’t read it, it was US$5.96. Considering the regular price for these in Canada is like $7.99 (I heard it goes on sale for $4.99 sometimes but I’ve never seen it that cheap yet), I say it was great deal.

So the brush of this mascara looks like below:


It is not the biggest brush, but the middle part is pretty thick. My eye sockets are not so deep, so the brush does touch my eyelid a little bit if I’m not careful. Still, it is a easy to use brush and I can coat my lashes without clumps like what they say on the website. Here is how it looks on my eyelash:


I bought the waterproof version in Satin Black. I know I can always count on Maybelline’s waterproof mascaras to hold my lashes curled all day. As you can see in the photo above, it looks exactly same after 3 hours. When I got home after 5 hours, it still looked the same.

I haven’t been wearing much make-up lately so I only applied 1 coat, but this mascara is definitely buildable. The brush really works great so you can at least get 2 coats without combing your lashes. The colour Satin Black is very deep matte black. It is not glossy or does not have any shimmer in it. It is not particularly volumizing nor lengthing  but it is good enough for daily/casual look. If you have naturally full lashes, I think it will work amazing. The only thing that concerns me is that it smudges a little. After 2-3 hours, I can see moderate raccoon eyes… I can prevent this by applying mattifying powder under my eyes, but it might be a concern for some people.


  • Affordable and easy to find at any local drug store
  • No clump, separating
  • Keeps lashes curled all day (waterproof version only)


  • Smudges a little (If you have oily skin)

My Final Rating: 4.5/5


Mini Haul from US

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I went to the States last Thursday, hoping to find the stroller that my husband and I had been looking for. We did not find it 😦 so we did some grocery shopping. Naturally, I picked up a couple of drug store make-up that I’ve been wanting to try.

Hard Candy – Fox in a Box (Spicy & Sweet)

Hard Candy Fox in A Box Spicy & Sweet

I always wanted to try Hard Candy products because they are not available in Vancouver. Their packaging is super cute and reminds me of Japanese make-up products. I wanted to pick more items up but we were running out of time so I just bought this lovely blush. It definitely reminds me of Benefit Box o’ Powder. This particular shade “Spicy & Sweet” is a pinky peach colour that looks nice on pretty much any skin tone. You can find plenty of swatches on google (click here to see). The pigmentation is great but it is very powdery, meaning when I use it the powder kind of gets everywhere. Benefit Box o’ Powder has a little bit more creamy (or moist) texture. Also, the brush that comes with this is useless… It is thin and flat. Nevertheless, I paid US$6 for this blush instead of US$28 for the Box o’ Powder so I am pretty happy with it and will be interested in buying more shades in the future.

Maybelline – One by One Volume Express Mascara (Satin Black)

maybelline One By One mascara Satin Black

I wanted to buy a new mascara for a while and I was planning on repurchase the Maybelline Falsies, but I saw this mascara on YouTube (Here) and decided to give this one a try. I loved Maybelline Define-a-Lash mascara and I read this one has the same separating effect. So how bad can it be right? Also, I know Maybelline’s water-proof mascaras always work for my short-stiff-straight Asian lashes so I didn’t hesitate. I paid US$5.96 for this at Walmart but I found the same thing at Target for US$5.04. Darn it! Still, it is way cheaper that the regular price in Vancouver so my mind is at peace 😀 I used it onece and so far I am loving it. I will post a individual review soon.

So that is all I bought this time. Some of the products I wanted to repurchase was sold out so I couldn’t buy them. I might go down to the States again sometime next month. Hopefully they restock them!

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