Revlon – ColorBurst Lip Butter Swatch & Review

October 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

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So, I know I am totally late for this bandwagon and everyone posted so much about this product already. I wanted to buy these long time ago, but I kept missing the sale and eventually I stopped looking. Today I went to a drug store to buy some grocery and found them on sale for 2 for CA$16. It is still not cheap because I know they went on sale for like CA$6 each many times but I thought I will never gonna suck it up and buy them if I miss this chance. So here they are, I bought 2 shades from this collection.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Inside

Above: Peach Parfait (front) and Pink Truffle (Back)

My first choice was Peach Parfait. I know a lot of bloggers liked this colour and it is a nice natural coral pink which is easy to wear for anyone. I kind of had hard time choosing 2nd colour because I wanted Berry Smoothie, but they were sold out. I also like Macaroon but they don’t seem to have that colour in Canada. There were many bright colours that are just too scary to me because I don’t wear bright colours. I know that they are kind of sheer so it won’t show up on my lips so neon-like, but I was still hesitant because I didn’t want to pay CA$8 for something that I just wear once or twice. Creamsicle or Creme Brulee seemed nice but I have so many nude lip sticks that I don’t even wear any more so I had to skip those 2, so in the end I chose Pink Truffle. It is darker than most of the lip stick I have but it seemed like a nice rich burned/chestnut red colour that is suitable for fall/winter. Below is both shades swatched on my lips. (I applied many strokes to get the colours show up richer)

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Swatch

I like both colours so far and I can see myself wearing them daily. They are moisturising and the pigmentation is buildable. To get them to look like above photo, I applied 3-4 strokes but you can wear them sheer to just get nice flash of colour on the lips. As you can see, Pink Truffle does not look pink at all on my lips, but that is because my lips are more red or brownish to begin with. It does not have any shimmer in it and is more pigmented than Peach parfait. Peach Parfait is a nice peachy pink with gold shimmer. I don’t mind some shimmer in my lip sticks but if you don’t like shimmer, don’t get this colour. This one is way more sheer than Pink Truffle and it looks almost like lip gloss. They are both kind of sticky so if you have long hair, it might be a problem. Lasting power is not the best but it lasts a little bit longer than L’Oreal Caress Color Riche lip sticks in my opinion.

After applying them on my lips, I though they looked a little bit like some lip sticks I have. So I pulled them out to compare.

Peach Parfait looks a lot like MAC Sheen Supreme Lip Stick in Bare Again in the photo above, but Bare Again is A LOT more pigmented so it did not look similar on the lips. I thought Pink Truffle looked kind of like Viva Glam V, but when I compared them, Peach Parfait ended up looking more like Viva Glam V because of the shimmer. However, overall Revlon Lip Butters are way more sheer than any MAC lip sticks I have and they were not dupes or anything…


  • Moisturising
  • Great range of colour
  • Great value if you can buy them on sale


  • Sticky
  • Some shades have shimmer

My Final Rating: 4/5


L’oreal Paris – Colour Caresse by Colour Riche Swatches

September 13, 2012 § 3 Comments

L'oreal  Colour Caresse Colour Riche Main

Official Website

I saw these pretty lipsticks in the States last week and I really wanted to buy them, but I decided to go home and do some research before I actually spend my money. So I read several beauty blogs and watched bunch of YouTube reviews and I was totally sold that I will love these lipsticks!

Still, these lipsticks are relatively expensive (Regular price $12.59 + tax at Shoppers Drug Mart) and I can almost buy a MAC lipstick, so I was gonna wait until it goes on sale for $9.99 or something. And who knew? Shoppers Drug Mart had a Buy 1 Get 1 free sale for all drug store brand lipsticks yesterday! (It was only for 3 hours special) So I rushed there to buy these lovely lipsticks.

My original plan was to buy Rose Taffeta and Sunset Angora. I saw swatches online and those 2 were my favourite, but they were also most popular. When I went to L’oreal section, these Caresse Colour Riche collection were very low on stock. Sunset Angora has already been sold out and there was 1 last sealed Sunset Taffeta. So I grabbed it like there is no tomorrow. Then I was torn between Sheer Linen and Blushing Sequin. Sheer Linen is a nice soft beige that I know I will use, but Blushing Sequin just looks so amazing on the model. In the end, I picked Sheer Linen because I just don’t wear something as bright as Blushing Sequin often.

Here is how the inside looks and the swatch on my arm:

L'oreal  Colour Caresse Colour Riche InsideL'oreal  Colour Caresse Colour Riche Arm Swatch

Sheer Linen is a soft beige colour that can be used daily. It tones down the redness of my lips quite well but because it’s sheer, it doesn’t make your lips too pale so it won’t give you that “corpse” look. Rose Toffeta is a rosy pink colour that instantly brightens your face up. I have yellow/orange undertone so I usually stay away from blue pinks but this one can be worn by anyone with any undertone. Below is swatch on my lips with 2 strokes:

L'oreal  Colour Caresse Colour Riche Swatch on Lips

I REALLY LOVE the formula of these lipsticks. They are moisturizing and sheer, but still pigmented enough to see the colour on the lips. It is easy to apply and it does not accentuate the wrinkle of the lips. They are nice to just have them in your purse and put it on whenever you need to. Probably don’t even need a mirror to apply them. Oh, their wear time is not so great. Maybe 2-3 hours? But I don’t mind reapplying them. Also, they add nice gloss to the lips but not sticky. They are definitely my new favourite lipsticks and I will buy more colours when they are on sale again. LOVE THEM!


  • Moisturizing
  • Sheer but with nice colour pay off
  • Easily accessible
  • Nice colour range (nothing crazy)


  • Slightly expensive for a drug store lipstick
  • Not long lasting

My Final Rating: 5/5 !

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