Loose Button Luxe Box Winter 2012 Canadian Edition

December 14, 2012 § 13 Comments

Sorry for not posting for a long time. I had my baby on November 25th and have been VERY busy since. Anyhow, I received my Winter Luxe Box today and thought it will be nice to share with you guys. Here is the photo of all the products. (Sorry about low quality photo)


I am pretty happy and excited about this box. As you can see, there are a couple of full size products and some decent sized samples. Here are some close-up photos of the products I received.


  1. Kerastase – Cristalliste Lumiere Liquid
  2. Essie – Nail Lacquer in She’s Pampered (Full Size)
  3. B. Kamins Laboratories – Day Lotion SPF 15
  4. Dermalogica – Precleanse
  5. Tatcha – Original Aburatorigami (Full Size)
  6. Schwarzkopf Professional – Dust It (Full Size)
  7. Donna Karan – Woman
  8. Loose Button – Kabuki Brush (Full Size)

(On the product list card, there are some products marked as “Rare Sample”. I wonder what that means…)

So this month, I am pretty sure it’s worth more than CA$26 that I paid. Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquid and Schwarzkopf Dust It were 2 products I got to pick from “First in Line” feature. I’ve used Dust It before so I know I like it. (and it’s a full size product!)

I’m happy with the skincare products I got. I am almost out of my day lotion so it’s perfect I get to try B. Kamins Day Lotion. I’m interested in the brand but never got around to try their products. Also, Dermalogica is one of my favourite skincare brand but I’ve never used their Precleanse before. So I’m excited to try new product from the brand.

The blotting paper has nice package design and is always nice to have some extra, but it’s not something I’m excited about. The Essie nail polish is nice too but I’m not a huge fan of red nail polishes. But it is holiday season and I will at least wear it several time so it’s still nice. I am not so excited about Donna Karan Woman perfume because I already sent a email request for fragrance-free box and they got back to me saying it’s noted in their system. Yet I still receive this perfume sample. I mean it is a very nice sample and the bottle looks very pretty but I am not in love with the scent and it will just end up being a decoration.

Last but not least, the Kabuki Brush is really nice!  It has longer hair, shorter handle, is less round in shape, and less dense when compared to my MAC Kabuki (182 Buffer Brush), but it is still a very good quality brush. I will definitely use it with loose powders and mineral foundations.

overall, I am quite pleased with this winter edition; however, I already cancelled my subscription so I will not be receiving any more of Luxe Boxes in the future. I like Luxe Box in general, but I feel like monthly boxes are still more exciting than seasonal boxes.

Are you subscribed to Luxe Box? Let me know what you think of the winter Luxe Box in comment section!


Loose Button Luxe Box Fall 2012 Canadian Edition

September 9, 2012 § 2 Comments


So I haven’t been blogging for quite a while now. (If you’re new to this blog, please skip the whole paragraph :P)

I really wanted to get back on it but I kept delaying it because I really didn’t have energy to take photo, edit them, write about make-up and post it. I am pregnant! and I didn’t know if I should mention it on this blog, which is another reason why I didn’t get back on blogging. Anyhow, I am 7 month in and finally feeling more energetic and stable. Of course when the time comes, I might stop blogging for a while again, but I decided to write as much as I can for now 🙂

I received my long waited Loose Button Luxe Box Fall Edition on September 7th. They changed their subscription system from monthly to quarterly subscription and this one was first of their new box. We get more samples in our box but the cost is more too so I wasn’t sure about continuing the subscription. So how did it turn out? Let’s check out the box.


List of Products I Received:

1. China Glaze Nail Polish in Prey Tell (full Size)

This nail polish is from their fall collection “On Safari”. I love China Glaze nail polish but I’m not a huge fan of this colour. It’s a very deep burgundy (almost black with 2 coats) with no shimmer or glitter. It’s bit too vampy for my liking and I’m not really red/burgundy nail polish person. I like nudes and muted colours. I might give it to my friend or something. Nevertheless, nice product to try out.

2. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (Full Size)

I was most excited to try this liner out. It is a felt tip liquid liner. I used this yesterday and it worked amazing! It has very firm and thin tip so I could line my eyes very precisely. Super nice for those winged out eyeliner. The colour is very rich black with semi-matte finish. Also, the lasting power is great! It stayed on whole day and eyelash curler did not affect it at all. LOVE IT and will purchase this when it runs out.

3. Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume

I am not so big on receiving perfume samples because I am really particular on scents. But this one smells pretty nice. Fresh and sweet (but not too sweet). I can see myself wearing this on daily basis. Pretty Casual perfume.

4. Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume and Body Lotion

I am not so excited about perfume and I get 2 of them! I wish we could tell Loose Button which category we like more. I can live with 1 perfume sample but 2 is just too much in my opinion. I mean the scent is nice and elegant. It can work as daily or formal perfume. A little bit too mature for my liking but not something I hate. The body lotion smells really strong at first, but gets better as time passes.

5. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

Another product I’m not so excited about. I’m sure most of girls would be happy to receive this, but I don’t use hairsprays at all. I thought maybe my husband can use it but it’s medium hold so he wouldn’t use it… Don’t know what to do with this. I’d rather receive Lancome Visionair Serum or Marcelle BB Cream sample like some other girls did, instead of the perfume and hairspray I got. Better luck next time?

6. Vichy PROEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector


These were in the little brown pockets so I posted a photo to show you guys. I received 5 pouches of this sample and I’m pretty excited to try them out. I think I can use it for at least 1 week to see if it makes any difference. Ever since I got pregnant, some dark spots around my eye area got little darker. If this does not irritate my skin and lightens the dark spots, I might buy it in the future.

7. Loose Button Exfoliating Pad


I think Loose Button put this in the box as a bonus but I’d rather get 1 more make-up or skincare sample. I mean they promised 7-8 samples and I only got 7 including this exfoliating pad. I want to try different brands, not something they just made up (at least that’s what I feel.) I used it in the shower last night and it’s not too bad. Nice to exfoliate the elbows and knees, but I feel like it won’t last very long.

So over all I am impressed with the quality of the products I got. 2 full size items and the hairspray is decent size too. However, I am not happy with the actual products I got because I simply can’t or won’t use them. I still have $12 credit left so I will be adding some money to purchase my winter edition. If I get products I like in the winter edition, maybe I will continue. If not, I will go ahead and try Topbox or go back to Glossybox.

Unboxing April 2012 GlossyBox (Canada)

April 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

Yes! I’m finally back in Vancouver and caught up some sleep. The 12 hours flight was super tiring, but now I’m full of energy and ready to blog again 🙂

So this morning I was awoken to the door bell. Usually that is not so much of a happy moment, but I was super excited as soon as I realize it was the delivery man with my April GlosyBox! When he handed it to me, I was surprised with how heavy the box was. I mean March GlossyBox was super full and nice, so I thought it might not be as good this month. Let me tell you, I was wrong!



It came in the usual cute polka dot cardboard box and inside is the sturdy light pink gift box. I now have several of these beauty boxes and really don’t know what to do with them…

This is how it looked when I opened the box. I was super excited with the size of these products.


And here is the product list:

1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer – 120ml (Full Size)


Let’s be honest, we got another Aveeno product and it’s a little bit disappointing. We all want to try different brands, right? However, I am pretty happy with this product because I wanted to try this for a while. I think I saw someone on YouTube talked about it and it sounded like a great product. Besides, it’s a full size product! On the card it says $22.99 but I’m sure I can find this at local drug stores for $17-$18. Nevertheless, the box is worth the money already!

2. Elizabeth Grant Shower Gel in “Exotic Apricot” – 240ml (Full Size)


I’m most excited about this product, mainly because I needed to buy a shower gel soon. It’s a full size product that retails for $20.00 (but you can get it for $15 here). This smells really sweet and fruity. I was thinking of buying the Philosophy Apricot shower gel, so this one is just perfect. I saw someone got a coconut scent. I’m not sure how many different kinds glossybox has.

3. Maecelle Xtension Plus Mascara – 9ml (Full Size)

marcelle xtension plus mascara

I have a mixed feeling towards this product because I only use waterproof mascaras. My lashes are really straight and stiff, so only some waterproof mascaras can make my lashes stay curled. This one says it’s lengthening and curling but I have a feeling that it won’t work for my lashes. I will try and see. If it doesn’t work, I will give it to someone.

4. Wella Brilliance Conditioner (30ml) and Treatment (25ml)


These obviously count as 4th and 5th products, but they are similar so I put them together. I saw some people not happy with these because they’ve got Wella products before. I totally understand that, but this is my first time so I’m pretty happy with them. They are deluxe size samples and I’d say I can get 3-4 uses out of both of them because I have short hair now. For longer hair, maybe 2 uses.

5. Marcelle BB Cream – 1ml


This one was inside the envelope, so look carefully when you open! This one is listed as “number *” on the list. I’m assuming it’s kind of a bonus we got this month? There are many North American/European brands trying to make BB Cream and they are just not the same as Asian BB Cream. I think usually Asian ones have better coverage, where others work more like tinted moisturizer. Still, I’m excited to try a new BB Cream 🙂

So that is all for this month. I think it’s well worth my $15 and I’m really liking GlossyBox. I have received 2 GlossyBox and 1 Glymm so far, and I have to say GlossyBox has impressed me more! I have 1 more glossy box coming in next month and 3 Loose Button LuxeBox to follow. After that I plan to try TopBox. Then I will decide which one I like most and re-subscribe 🙂

Did you like this month’s GlossyBox? Did this post intrigue you to subscribe to GlossyBox? let me know in the comment section.



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