Simple – Soothing Facial Toner Review

November 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Simple Soothing Facial Toner

Official Canadian Website:
Product Page: Soothing Facial Toner

What they claim:
Our Soothing Facial Toner leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed, plus it’s a perfect blend of our purest possible skin loving ingredients with an added vitamin.
1 ADDED VITAMIN PRO-VITAMIN B5 known to help restore, soften and smooth. 3 SKIN LOVING INGREDIENTS CHAMOMILE known to help gently soften and soothe, WITCH HAZEL known to help tone and tighten pores, ALLANTOIN known to help soften. NO DYES, NO ARTIFICIAL PERFUMES, NO HARSH IRRITANTS to upset skin.

I purchased this toner a while ago in the states. It had a coupon attached to it and the final price was only US$3.00. I think the price of this toner ranges somewhere from CA$7.00 – $10.00 depending on where you buy it and sometimes they are on sale for a little bit cheaper. (But I’ve never seen it under CA$5.00)

I’ve been using this toner for about 1 month now and I think I am ready to share my thoughts on it. Long story short, it’s an OK toner. It’s not something I love, but I don’t hate it either. The toner is clear and very waterly, like what you would expect a toner to be. It does not have much of scent and it does not irritate my skin. I use this toner twice a day with cotton pads swiping my entire face and neck. It feels pretty much like water on my skin, except it gives slightly refreshing feeling.

After using the toner, my skin does feel a little bit softer and I do think my pores are less visibl. However, I have pretty bad break-outs on my chin right now (which is NOT because of this toner) and this toner is not really helping to clear them out. I thought it might help because it contains witch hazel. I also don’t really like how fast it dries on my skin. I mean it does not dry my skin out, but as soon as I swipe it on my skin, it just kind of disappears. I hope it’s because my skin is absorbing it but I’m not so sure. On the official website, this toner is categorized under Cleansers, but I really can’t speak for it because I never rely on toners to remove make-up or anything. There is never any residue on the cotton pad when I swipe it on my face.

So over-all it’s a nice toner for the price, especially when I only paid US$3 for it, and I will finish using this bottle. However, it does not do anything special enough for me to repurchase it.


  • Available at most of drug stores
  • Affordable
  • Not irritating


  • Not moisturizing
  • Does not help with acne even though containing witch hazel

My Final Rating: 3/5


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