Unboxing April 2012 GlossyBox (Canada)

April 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

Yes! I’m finally back in Vancouver and caught up some sleep. The 12 hours flight was super tiring, but now I’m full of energy and ready to blog again 🙂

So this morning I was awoken to the door bell. Usually that is not so much of a happy moment, but I was super excited as soon as I realize it was the delivery man with my April GlosyBox! When he handed it to me, I was surprised with how heavy the box was. I mean March GlossyBox was super full and nice, so I thought it might not be as good this month. Let me tell you, I was wrong!



It came in the usual cute polka dot cardboard box and inside is the sturdy light pink gift box. I now have several of these beauty boxes and really don’t know what to do with them…

This is how it looked when I opened the box. I was super excited with the size of these products.


And here is the product list:

1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer – 120ml (Full Size)


Let’s be honest, we got another Aveeno product and it’s a little bit disappointing. We all want to try different brands, right? However, I am pretty happy with this product because I wanted to try this for a while. I think I saw someone on YouTube talked about it and it sounded like a great product. Besides, it’s a full size product! On the card it says $22.99 but I’m sure I can find this at local drug stores for $17-$18. Nevertheless, the box is worth the money already!

2. Elizabeth Grant Shower Gel in “Exotic Apricot” – 240ml (Full Size)


I’m most excited about this product, mainly because I needed to buy a shower gel soon. It’s a full size product that retails for $20.00 (but you can get it for $15 here). This smells really sweet and fruity. I was thinking of buying the Philosophy Apricot shower gel, so this one is just perfect. I saw someone got a coconut scent. I’m not sure how many different kinds glossybox has.

3. Maecelle Xtension Plus Mascara – 9ml (Full Size)

marcelle xtension plus mascara

I have a mixed feeling towards this product because I only use waterproof mascaras. My lashes are really straight and stiff, so only some waterproof mascaras can make my lashes stay curled. This one says it’s lengthening and curling but I have a feeling that it won’t work for my lashes. I will try and see. If it doesn’t work, I will give it to someone.

4. Wella Brilliance Conditioner (30ml) and Treatment (25ml)


These obviously count as 4th and 5th products, but they are similar so I put them together. I saw some people not happy with these because they’ve got Wella products before. I totally understand that, but this is my first time so I’m pretty happy with them. They are deluxe size samples and I’d say I can get 3-4 uses out of both of them because I have short hair now. For longer hair, maybe 2 uses.

5. Marcelle BB Cream – 1ml


This one was inside the envelope, so look carefully when you open! This one is listed as “number *” on the list. I’m assuming it’s kind of a bonus we got this month? There are many North American/European brands trying to make BB Cream and they are just not the same as Asian BB Cream. I think usually Asian ones have better coverage, where others work more like tinted moisturizer. Still, I’m excited to try a new BB Cream 🙂

So that is all for this month. I think it’s well worth my $15 and I’m really liking GlossyBox. I have received 2 GlossyBox and 1 Glymm so far, and I have to say GlossyBox has impressed me more! I have 1 more glossy box coming in next month and 3 Loose Button LuxeBox to follow. After that I plan to try TopBox. Then I will decide which one I like most and re-subscribe 🙂

Did you like this month’s GlossyBox? Did this post intrigue you to subscribe to GlossyBox? let me know in the comment section.




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