Helena Rubinstein – Spider Eyes Mascara Base Review

April 20, 2010 § Leave a comment


Official Website Discription

Mascara Base – Length & Volume Lash Multiplication.
Volume & Length multiplicator! Inspired of extensible spider web fibers, HELENA RUBINSTEIN invents the new mascara base with « Fiber Extend » cellulose multifibres technology: visibly multiplies lengthening, volume and curling of your lashes before mascara application. Cream with cellulose multifibers.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about HR mascaras, but they are no longer available in Vancouver. There used to be a HR counter in Holt Renfrew in Pacific Centre but it’s not there anymore after the renovation in 2009. What a shame… (At least I haven’t found any store that sells HR products now.)

Anyways, I bought this on a Japanese shopping website “Rakuten” for fairly cheap price. (Mascara base + Mascara for about CA$40) So I asked my friend, who happened to be back in Japan, to bring it back to Vancouver for me. Tomorrow, I will post the review of HR Lash Queen Waterproof that I bought at the same time.

So finally, how is this mascara base? I will have to say “I don’t like it”. Not because this is a lousy mascara base, but it’s because I have super straight eyelashes. I find many Asian people have same problem as me — eye lashes won’t curl up easy. Many Caucasian friends has long eyelashes that curls up naturally, and this mascara base will work great for those people. Although it doesn’t really increased the volume of my lashes, it is not clumpy and it adds length very well. I would like to use this mascara base, but it just doesn’t hold my lashes up AT ALL. How I used it is:

  1. Use Shiseido eyelash curler to curl my eyelash
  2. Put Spider Eyes (this product) on.
    My lashes just go back to straight at this point.
  3. Put mascara on like usual.

So my conclusion is : I will not recommend this to people with very straight lashes that does not curl up easy. But it is nice base for people who has naturally curled lashes.


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